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Universal Exports, Ltd.

First used in Fleming's novels, Universal Exports operates as the cover for MI6. M is referred to as the "managing director" and Bond is a field agent. Although Fleming changed Universal Exports to "Transworld Consortium" in his novel The Man With The Golden Gun, this change was never reflected on in the films. Over the years, MI6 has become much more open regarding its existence; however, the cover still proves quite useful in Bond's fieldwork. Universal Exports has appeared in the following movies:
  • Dr. No: There are two signs that read Universal Exports: one in front of the building and one in front of Moneypenny's office. Later, in Jamaica, Bond mentions UE when he is speaking with the governor.

  • From Russia With Love: When Bond is paged, he calls the office and says, "Come in UNIVEX, James Bond here, over."

  • On Her Majesty's Secret Service: The movie opens with a shot of a sign that says Universal Exports (London) ltd. (image to right)UE London

  • For Your Eyes Only: The helicopter that Bond is picked up in during the pre-title sequence says Universal Exports on the side.

  • Octopussy: Upon meeting Moneypenny's assistant, Penelope Smallbone, he says, "Welcome to Universal Exports". Later, when he meets Vijay he introduces himself as being from Universal Exports. Later still, when Bond looks at the LCD camera in Q Branch, the screen on the TV says Universal Exports.

  • The Living Daylights: Right before the Q Branch scene, there is a shot of a building with a Universal Exports sign on it. Later, when Bond calls Station V (Vienna), they answer the phone as Universal Exports.

  • Licence To Kill: Bond tells Milton Krest that he is from Universal Exports and is looking to buy a Great White Shark.

  • The World Is Not Enough: When Bond meets Davidov he introduces himself as being from Universal Exports and proceeds to show him an identification card. Later, Bond uses that same ID card for the photo when he needs to forge a different ID.

  • Die Another Day: When Bond goes to meet Raoul, his old contact in Cuba, he tells the receptionist that he is from Universal Exports and to check with his boss about the Delectados cigars (the cigars are a thirty year old code they use to identify themselves as allies).

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