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UE InterviewJeremy Bulloch
Jeremy Bulloch played Smithers, Q's assistant, in For Your Eyes Only and Octopussy as well as Boba Fett in the Star Wars movies.

UE InterviewDeborah Lipp
Author of The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book, Deborah discusses her writing technique and shares her thoughts on the series' past, present and future.

UE InterviewGraham Rye
Graham Rye, long-time Bond fan, author and publisher, chats about his long association with Bond, his latest book, 007 Magazine and a host of other Bond-related topics.

UE InterviewMonty Norman
Monty Norman, creator of the James Bond theme, very kindly answers questions on his music, life, the world of Bond and what's next for the composer.

UE InterviewLana Wood
Universal Exports' first chat with a Bond Girl features the beautiful Lana "Plenty O'Toole" Wood, talking about her experience in the Bond series.

UE InterviewDavid Hedison
David Hedison holds the distinct honor of being the only man to play Felix Leiter, Bond's CIA friend and aid, in two seperate films: Live and Let Die and Licence to Kill.

UE InterviewLukas Kendall
Lukas Kendall produced the collection of remastered Bond soundtracks, which included never-before released tracks, as well as managing the magazine Film Score Monthly.

UE InterviewVic Flick
Vic Flick is the original Bond theme guitarist dating back to Dr. No. Read about his life, his thoughts on the Bond theme and and his time with John Barry.

UE InterviewJohn Gardner
John Gardner has the distinction of being the author with the most Bond novels under his belt. Learn about his 16 Bond novels, his latest book, his life and more.

UE InterviewJohn Cork
John Cork is an award-winning screenwrite for many major film studios. He is also a world-renowned James Bond expert and co-author of Bond Girls are Forever and James Bond, The Legacy.
UE InterviewChristopher Wood
Fresh from completing his latest book, The Spy I Loved, Bond screen-and-novelisation writer once again gives us his thoughts on Bond, his new book and more.

UE InterviewSebastien Foucan
Sebastien Foucan plays the henchman Mollaka in Casino Royale. He is also well known for his co-invention of the art form parkour, aka "free running."

UE InterviewDavid Arnold
An exclusive interview with the current James Bond music composer on his work with Bond and, specifically, on Casino Royale.

UE InterviewPaul Michael Kane
A graphic artist, author and Bond fan, Paul Michael Kane talks about his latest piece of work, "007: A Literary Dossier," as well as his thoughts on Bond.

UE InterviewAlbert Moses
Sri Lankan film superstar actor/director/producer Albert Moses has had parts in two Bond films: The Spy Who Loved Me and Octopussy.

UE InterviewChristopher Wood
Christopher Wood wrote both the scripts and novelizations of The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker. Learn his thoughts on Bond and his latest book.

UE InterviewMichael Dileo
A lifelong Bond fan, published a book called The Spy Who Thrilled Us: A Guide to the Best of Cinematic James Bond. Learn about his life and his successful book.

UE InterviewRichard Kiel
Perhaps the most famous henchman, Richard Kiel played Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker. Read about Jaws, his life since and his autobiography.

UE InterviewRaymond Benson
The author of nine Bond novels, Raymond Benson is widely respected in 007 literacy circles for his great contribution to the James Bond fictional series.

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