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The Moonraker Space Station

[Moonraker Fires Image] In order to maintain gravity inside the station, it needs to rotate. To do so, many jet engines attached to the docking bays are fired at once.
Since the space ships need a way to unload their cargo or passengers onto the space station, docking bays are a must. Here are the docking bays as seen when the Moonraker shuttles are getting ready to attach. [Moonraker Docking Bay Image]
[Moonraker's Death Orb Image] Since the Moonraker Space Station is the creation of a megalomaniac, it has to have its evil devices. The death orbs are just one of them. Each orb is capable of killing millions of people. This is the original blueprint for the orbs.
Many couples were brought to the station with the express purpose of breeding and forming the super-race, run by Drax. Along with the perfect couples were the unlikley couple. Jaws and his silent girlfriend came along for the ride. The girl helped Jaws to finally turn to the side of good. [Jaws and his girl Image]

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