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The James Bond Weddings

Over the years James Bond has attended or been involved in his share of weddings: these are just some of them
[Felix's Wedding Image] In Licence to Kill, Felix Leiter married Della Churchill. After Bond and Felix parachuted in on their wedding, the party followed. Later, Della and Felix gave 007 a lighter (nice pun) with their names on it.
Bond and Tracy's marriage is perhaps the most romantic and saddening of the series. Seen here in some of their last happy moments, Bond and Tracy cut the cake.
[Bond and Tracy Cut the cake Image]
[Say Caio Image] Time for goodbye's. Bond and Tracy say ciao to the crowd and to Moneypenny. Soon they are off, and due for a meeting with Frauline Bunt. We have all the time in the world.
Many years later, 007 pays a visit to the grave of his late wife, Tracy Bond.
[Tracy's grave Image]
[Kissy Image] While looking for Blofeld in Japan, Bond had wed Kissy Suzuki. Simply a marriage of convince, Kissy's name is never even mentioned in the film. It is only known from the Your Only Live Twice novel and the movie credits.

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