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[007 Image]

Pierce Brosnan

as James Bond

After being captured, tortured and betrayed, Bond finds himself a rouge agent and out of graces with MI6. Determined to get revenge and be reinstated into the Double-0 section, Bond goes after Gustav Graves and Zao and in the end, saves the day.
[Jinx Image]

Halle Berry

as Jinx

Halle Berry portrays Jinx, an American NSA agent who is also investigating Zao. After their first meeting in Cuba, (an Ursula Andress style emergence from the ocean) Bond and Jinx meet again in Gustav Graves' Ice Palace where they manage to undercover his scheme. Touted as the female James Bond, Jinx does a good job of keeping up with 007.
[Gustav Image]

Toby Stephens

as Gustav Graves

Gustav Graves is a billionaire diamond miner who has a hidden secret other than his plot for world domination. Using a satellite named Icarus, Graves is determined to invade South Korea and Japan in an effort to make North Korea the foremost superpower in the world.
[Yune Image]

Rick Yune

as Zao

The henchman in Die Another Day, Zao has diamonds embedded in his face after a run-in with Bond. Later, while undergoing a DNA changing operation, Bond stops the process and leaves him disfigured and bald. Zao meets his demise during the thrilling Iceland car chase with Bond.
[Miranda Frost Image]

Rosamund Pike

as Miranda Frost

An MI6 operative posing as Gustav Graves' personal assistant, Miranda Frost is ordered by M to help Bond with his investigation of Zao and Graves. Frost was an Olympic Gold Metal winner in fencing and quite a fiesty woman. SPOILER WARNING However, in a great plot twist, Frost is actually an MI6 traitor and on Gustav Graves' side.
[Will Yun Lee Image]

Will Yun Lee

as Colonel Moon

Colonel Moon is a North Korean military officer who appears to die in the pre-title sequence. Infuriated by this, Moon's father takes Bond into custody and tortures him for 14 months before his release. SPOILER WARNING Late in the film we learn that Moon is not actually dead; rather, he underwent DNA changing surgery in Cuba and became Gustav Graves.
[Mr Kil Image]

Lawrence Makoare

as Mr Kil

Mr Kil is a minor henchman to Gustav Graves. At first he seems to be a common servant, but later, when Jinx is strapped to the laser, he and Bond duke it out. Kil is eventually killed by Jinx and has his hand severed as to use it for his fingerprints.
[Damian Falco Image]

Michael Madsen

as Damian Falco

Damian Falco is the NSA agent who facilitates Bond's transfer from captivity in North Korea. He is also Jinx's boss and responsible for sending them back into North Korea during the film's climax.
[John Cleese Image]

John Cleese

as Q

Taking over for Desmond Llewelyn after his tragic death, John Cleese is the new Quartermaster. Q's workshop scene is one of the highlights of the film with numerous props from previous Bond films seen in the background. Sadly, the only reference to the old Q was when he said "As my predecessor was fond of saying, 'I never joke about my work.'"
[Dame Judi Dench Image]

Dame Judi Dench

as M

Originally abandoning Bond when he is captured by the North Koreans, M's role this film is very hard edged as she tells Bond he is of no use to MI6 anymore. When he finally becomes useful again, M sends Bond back into the field to go after Zao and Graves.
[Moneypenny Image]

Samantha Bond

as Moneypenny

For the first time since Licence to Kill, Bond and Moneypenny do not actually appear together. They share a very humorous scene in Moneypenny's office, but it turns out that it is just a virtual reality program. Moneypenny's role is kept to a minimum in Die Another Day.

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