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DAD vs The Bond Formula

  1. Traditional Theme, Logo, Single Shot and Blood: The traditional James Bond theme is played as the logo (the inside of a gun barrel) bounces across the screen. The view centers in on Bond walking. Bond then shifts his pose and shoots into view. Blood drips down the screen.
      Die Another Day: It's there, but this time when Bond shoots a CGI bullet comes towards the audience

  2. Bond Almost Dies: His life is threatened by hook or crook and pulls off a fantastic stunt to save himself. This scene introduces key characters in the movie.
      Die Another Day: Bond is betrayed and about to be executed when he detonates a suitcase full of diamonds, escapes on a hovercraft, dodges bullets and flamethrowers before narrowly escaping death by jumping onto a bell before his hovercraft plummets into a deep ravine.

  3. Opening Credits: Lots of silhouettes of nubile women prancing around.
      Die Another Day: The women are there, but this time they show Bond's torture over their bodies.

  4. Movie Theme Song: This happens during the opening credits. The theme song scored just for this movie is played. It almost always has the movie title in its lyrics. Occasionally, it is played in other parts of the movie considering the mood of the music.
      Die Another Day: Madonna sings the title song and appears as Miranda Frost's fencing tutor in the film.

  5. Briefing of mission: Bond walks into the office of MI6 and flirts with Moneypenny. Bond walks into M's office. Gets briefed of situation.
      Die Another Day: This actually never happens in this movie. Bond is AWOL for the first half of the movie and even when he does speak with M, she doesn't do much briefing. Bond and Moneypenny are never together.

  6. Toyland: Q gives Bond any special gizmos needed for the assignment. Lots of prop jokes.
      Die Another Day: New Q, same idea...and later in the film than usual.

  7. After the Bad Guy: Bond goes to the exotic location of where he tries to contact the enemy. Sometime before next step, he gets a Martini that is "shaken not stirred".
      Die Another Day: Bond goes off to Cuba looking for Zao. He actually substitutes a Mojito for his martini for now. His martini comes later when he is flying back to London.

  8. "Bond, James Bond":  This can happen anytime during the movie. He announce his name typically when talking with a lady.  Classically this is how he introduced himself to the Bond girl but there have been variations in the later movies.
      Die Another Day: Bond introduces himself to Gustav Graves at the fencing club.

  9. Casino Gamble:  The casino scenes have been rare in the later movies.  They typically happen at the start of the movie for character introduction.  Whenever he gambles, he usually loses during the first gamble, but makes a comeback in the second bet.
      Die Another Day: No gambling for Bond this time around.

  10. Fight with Bad Guy's Henchman: Here is where the stunt men earn their pay. Lots of fights where Bond just barely wins. Makes easy transition into next step.
      Die Another Day: Bond and Zao go at it on Isla de los Organos in Cuba.

  11. Meet Bond Girl: James comes into the circle of his female companion for the rest of the movie. The irony of all Bond movies is that Bond cannot complete the mission without the assistance of this lady!
      Die Another Day: Bond meets and first sleeps with Jinx in Cuba. A female NSA agent, Jinx is crucial to Bond's mission.

  12. Company of the Bad Girl: Not common in all of the Bond movies but has become very popular in the last few movies. This one lady is a senior henchmen of the Bay Guy. She usually has a tryst with Bond and almost always ends up dead or incarcerated.
      Die Another Day: Miranda Frost betrays Bond for Gustav Graves.

  13. Sexually Suggestive Female Name: There is a long streak of these going back to the very first Bond movie. Either the Bond Girl or the Bad Girl will have a name with a sexual innuendo in it. Examples: Pussy Galore, Octopussy, Holly Goodhead, Plenty O'Toole, Goodnight, Chu Me and Onnatop.
      Die Another Day: Sadly no sexually suggestive name.

  14. Help From Across The Pond: An American Agent, usually CIA, is around to help Bond. It can be the Bond Girl, a separate character or even a henchman working undercover.
      Die Another Day: Jinx works for the NSA.

  15. Enemy Spots Bond: Bond breaks a MAJOR rule of modern field agent training and flaunts his presence in unsecured environments. The Bad Guy and crew discovers Bond's presence following to next step.
      Die Another Day: Bond goes to meet Gustav Graves at the fencing club and introduces himself to both Graves and Frost.

  16. Chase Scene: Bond is in some exotic vehicle or location in a chase. Whether he is chasing or being chased or if the Bond Girl is with him or the bad guy's henchmen alternate from movie to movie. Lots of vehicle stunts with theme music.
      Die Another Day: The fencing duel and Bond and Zao's car battle in Iceland

  17. Artist's Name: A lingering enigma of the films is that most villians in the movies have names of famous Russian writers. ex: Orumov, Travelyan...
      Die Another Day: Haven't found this one yet.

  18. Fallen Comrade: This can happen anywhere in the film from beginning right to the end. Someone in Bond's assistance will die at the hand of the Bad Guy's forces. It affects Bond emotionally usually to a point of avenging.
      Die Another Day: Nope

  19. Bad Guy's Headquarters Found: Bond finds HQ of the Bad Guy and infiltrates it.
      Die Another Day: Bond and Jinx infultrate a North Korean airbase where Graves and his party is boarding a jumbo jet.

  20. Battle Armies: The large group assisting Bond gets into a huge battle royal with the forces of the Bad Guy. Most of the Bay Guy's forces buy it.
      Die Another Day: Nope. This doesn't really happen in the later movies.

  21. Bond and Company Captured: Bad Guy and crew capture Bond and Bond Girl inside the HQ. Instead of killing them right off, they are placed in some isolated situation where they will die if they didn't do anything creative. Just before they are left to die, the Bad Guy explains his twisted reasoning of his own existence and actions. Occasionally, this happens before the Battle Armies step.

    • Die Another Day: Rather than killing Bond when he has the chance, Gustav Graves stops fighting 007 and instead puts on a parachute to escape the jumbo jet. Naturally, this leads to Bond killing Graves.

  22. Bond Saves Self and Bond Girl: Using a gizmo given by Q, he escapes and starts to screw up the Bad Guy's plans of destruction.
      Die Another Day: This step comes after the final combat in this movie. Bond and Jinx get into a helicopter and fly to safety away from the exploding jumbo jet.

  23. Final Combat: Bond gets the advantage and a final combat with the Bad Guy ensues. Bond wins.
      Die Another Day: Bond kills Graves.

  24. Cynical Eulogy: Bond makes a comical comment about the death of the Bad Guy. It is usually a pun or wise crack about the exact method of his passing. Sometimes the comment is about the death of a henchman instead. It is always said in poor taste.
      Die Another Day: Bond's gravity joke before he kills Graves.

  25. Destruction of Bad Guy's HQ: Bad Guy defeated, usually dead, the whole of the Bad Guy's HQ goes up in a huge explosion.
      Die Another Day: As Bond and Jinx escape, the jumbo jet finally explodes.

  26. Secondary Combat: A minor, almost comical, fight ensues with the Bad Guy's Henchman. Bond wins. Henchman is under their own accord now. Sometimes occurs before Final Combat.
      Die Another Day: Bond kills Zao way before the end of the movie back in Iceland.

  27. Talking the High Road: Bond and Bond Girl are retrieved in some exotic and unusual manner. They never get out under their own effort.
      Die Another Day: Nope, Bond and Jinx escape on their own which leads to the next step.

  28. Bond has the Bond Girl: This sometimes happens before the previous step usually with comical relief for the audience.
      Die Another Day: Too many innuendoes to count in this scene.

  29. Ending Credits: Boring black and white text scrolls across the screen with the movie score playing and concludes with the words, "James Bond Will Return."
      Die Another Day: Yes he will.

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