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Mission: The Living Daylights
Released: June 30, 1987
Bond: Timothy Dalton
Director: John Glen
Budget: $30 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $191.2 Million
Running Time: 131 Minutes

Villain: Brad Whitaker
Organization: Self-Employed
Scheme: Drug and weapon trafficking
Henchmen: Georgi Koskov, Necros
Girls: Kara Milovy, Girl in Boat
Allies: Saunders, General Pushkin
Bond's Kill Count: 3
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Fan Reviews:
Nick Thomas
An excellent film and truly reflective of Fleming's vision of 007. A few examples;

When Bond tells Saunders, "Go ahead, tell M what you like and if he fires me, I'll thank him for it..." The camera then closes on Dalton's face to reveal a cruel and sardonic smile. Immediately, you know you're not watching one of Roger Moore's lightweight performances.

After the murder of Saunders, Bond sees the "Smiert Spionam" balloon floating nearby. As he catches it, he is filled with a consuming rage which flashes on his face as he crushes the balloon. As he catches sight of the cluster of balloons over the hedge, which may be held by the killer, his eyes fill with murderous rage. No other actor could have possibly pulled this off sop well, with the exception of Connery. Look at the similar expression on his face in FRWL as he hurls a knife at Krilencu during the Gypsy Camp fight scene.

Unfortunately, today's Bond audience has become so bombarded by the blast-laden, special effects extraveganzas, that they were unable (or unwilling) to accept this truer and more mature version of the Bond character.

Jeroen Krabbe's performance as Koskov is both subtle and disarming. One cannot help but like him during the Blades debriefing scene. The showing of his true colors at Whittaker's villa in Tangier is excellent, as he blithely suggests the murder of another agent to convince London that General Pushkin has indeed ordered whole executions of Allied agents.

Myriam D'Abo's performance as Kara Milovy brings back memories of the sensitive and beautiful Bond Girls of old. Beautiful without being vapid (Britt Eckland in "...Golden Gun") and modern without being strident or frigid (Lois Chiles in "Moonraker") D'Abo is most like Daniela Bianchi in FRWL.

And what a joy to hear the touch of the master, John Barry. The best soundtrack since the Connery days. The music during the Aston Martin chase is reminiscent of the 007 Theme used during the Gypsy Camp fight scene in FRWL.

I am profoundly disappointed that the producers of this series have chosen to abandon the one hope they had to return the series to the true heritage of the Fleming character. "The Living Daylights" ranks right along side the Connery series in every way. It is the last of the great Bond films.

I hope the series can find it's way again.

Yu Fujiwara
Beside Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton I think, was the best Bond! He gave a very realistic view of Bond with romance and seriousness. Ever since OHMSS, James Bond weren't much romantic. He slept with many woman just with pleasure. Kara Milova, the bond girl is one of my favorite Bond girl.

I have not read Ian Fleming novels and I've heard that Dalton was very Fleming-ish Bond. I'm think i understand why. Dalton isn't humourous? Well, when i watch 007 movies, I don't always look out for humor but for action and the character of 007. Out of all 5 bonds Dalton could become the closest to be a real spy. New element of Bond was very artistic and fun. I was suprised to see Dalton as a Bond right after Roger Moore's slap-stick bond.

Living Daylight had a very good start and predictable, yet romantic and enjoyable ending. I loved the scene where Bond and Kara gets away from the enemy by sloping down with the cello case. The whole movie was a bit slow and gradually gets energetic toward the action scenes and the ending. I would also like to see Dalton star in Warhead.

006 out of 007

Adam Young

I don't see how anybody can not like this movie. It is probably the only movie which stays true to the James Bond character while at the same time mixing new, more modernized elements.

Timothy Dalton, playing Bond for his first time, did a fabulous job of acting. He had no trouble slipping into the role of Bond, and played the part very seriously. Maryam d'Abo was alright as Kara Milovy, although at some points I feel she could have put forth more effort into her role. Her small weaknesses don't subtract majorly from the movie, though. Jeroen Krabbe and Joe Don Baker both did superb jobs.

The stunts and action in this film are enough to keep you in your seat as if there is a nail pinning your pants to it. The pre-title action sequence is one of the best I've yet seen, crammed full of action and wild stunts. Since I love arial stunts, especially skydiving jumps, the pre-title action sequence skydiving jump and the scene in the end where Bond and Necros are fighting on the cargo net hanging out of the plane were special treats.

All in all, a great, fun, explosive Bond film with just a tinge of humor and romance, all of which blend together to make one of the best Bonds in the series.

10 out of 10

The Living Daylights, in my opinion, was what the Bond of the novels was supposed to look like on the screen. True, nobody really beats Sean, Moore turned Bond into the campy Batman-like series ("Pow! Bam!"), and Lazenby sort of lacked the chronic self-confidence Bond possesses. The pre-title sequence showed that even the elite 00 corps need to train, and the subsequent chase and yacht scene were classic. The plot is not old, if anything, it far surpassses the old megalomanical billionaire wants the world in his pocket (which the Simpsons parodied with Scorpio!!), and Dalton carries Bond without the first-film syndrome Moore and Lazenby suffered with.

Consider when Bond refuses to shoot Kara, he is acting as the both the perfect gentleman and consumate ladies man; never strike a lady, and don't kill a beautiful woman. Or when he waits for General Pushkin, he is a secret agent being both cunning, resourceful and brutal. Dalton plays all the elements of Bond we love, and does it well. Even after beating Necros on the plane, and crash landing in a jeep, he still knows where there is a good restuarant in Karachi. Classic Bond.

And, for all those who knock License to Kill; as dubios as much of it is, how else would Bond react to his life-long friend being mamed?


Arturo Cuervo
My favorite Bond movie. Tymothy Dalton's acting is outstanding. He portrays James Bond as a real, cold blodded serious secret agent. The plot is very realistic, something that you could actually believe that could happen in real life. The pre-credit sequence is the best after the one seen in Goldfinger, and the chase scene with the Aston Martin is great. My rating is 007/007
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