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Mission: GoldenEye
Released: November 17, 1995
Bond: Pierce Brosnan
Director: Martin Campbell
Budget: $60 Million
U.S. Boxoffice: $106.4 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $356.4 Million
Running Time: 124 Minutes
UnivEx Rating: 005

Villain: Alec Trevelyan
Organization: Self-Employed (Janus)
Scheme: Money theft and the destruction of all electronic
               devices in England
Henchmen: General Ourumov, Xenia Onnatop,
                   Boris Grishenko
Girls: Natalia Simonova, Caroline
Allies: Jack Wade, Valentin Zukovksy
Bond's Kill Count: 12
Bond's Conquest Count: 2
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[GoldenEye Special Edition]
The Characters (in order of appearance):
[GoldenEye Characters]

James Bond

Played by: Pierce Brosnan

Description: After a six-year break, Pierce Brosnan takes over the role he was born to play. It is often said that he plays the role with a perfect mix of Connery and Moore, Brosnan gives the character his own take. While at times he seems a bit overwhelmed, Brosnan's pulls off his first go at 007 beautifully and gives the audience hope for his future movies.
[GoldenEye Characters]

Arkangel Guard

Played by: Unknown

Description: This man gets punched in the face while on the toilet when Bond breaks into the Arkangel Chemical Weapons Facility in the pre-title sequence.
[GoldenEye Characters]

Alec Trevelyan (006)

Played by: Sean Bean

Description: For the first time in the series, Bond is shown working with another 00-Agent: 006. Unfortunately for Bond, 006 turns out to be the villain of the movie. His plot is to use EMP technology to wipe out all electronic records in England while making a ton of money himself.
[GoldenEye Characters]

Arkangel Scientist

Played by: Paul Bannon

Description: During his few moments on screen, this scientist walks a few steps then is shot by Bond.
[GoldenEye Characters]

General Arkady Grigorovich Ourumov

Played by: Gottfried John

Description: The main henchman of the film, General Ourumov is working hand-in-hand with 006 right from the pre-title sequence. Ten years later, he coordinates the theft of the GoldenEye satellite and continues to be a thorn in Bond's side until he is finally shot by 007 aboard Trevelyan's train.
[GoldenEye Characters]

Ourumov's Arkangel Guard

Played by: Unknown

Description: When Bond is trying to escape the Archangel Chemical Weapons Facility by hiding behind flammable canisters, this man's itchy trigger finger leads to a quick execution by Ourumov.
[GoldenEye Characters]

Pre-title Motorcycle Guard

Played by: Unknown

Description: Another henchman, another few moments of screen time. This man rides the bike that Bond eventually steals to drive off the cliff behind the Arkangel facility and freefall to the airplane before making his escape.
[GoldenEye Characters]

Pre-title Pilot

Played by: Unknown

Description: Bond throws this man out of the plane before it falls off the side of the cliff and he has to jump off after it to escape during the climax of the pre-title sequence.
[GoldenEye Characters]


Played by: Serena Gordon

Description: M sends Caroline out to evaluate Bond. Before her evaluation is complete, she witnesses Bond and Xenia's high-speed meeting and falls victim to Bond's irresistible charms in his Aston Martin DB5.
[GoldenEye Characters]

Xenia Zirgavna Onatopp

Played by: Famke Janssen

Description: Perhaps one of the most interesting henchwomen/villianess of the series, Onatopp kills men by crushing them with her thighs. From the first moment she is racing with Bond in her Ferrari, one can tell that she is a strong woman and, likely, Bond's equal.

Famke Janssen Fan Page
[GoldenEye Characters]


Played by: Vladimir Milanovich

Description: This man deals the cards at the Baccarat table where Bond and Xenia officially meet.
[GoldenEye Characters]

Baccarat Player

Played by: Unknown

Description: This man gets up to give Bond his seat at the Baccarat table ...probably because Xenia has taken all of his money.
[GoldenEye Characters]

Pit Boss

Played by: Unknown

Description: This man is the pit boss at the Baccarat table who allows Bond and Xenia to up the limits.
[GoldenEye Characters]

Admiral Chuck Farrell

Played by: Billy J. Mitchell

Description: Admiral Farrell thinks he is in for a night of fun when he and Xenia leave the casino together. In reality, she kills him with her thighs and steals his ID card so she can steal the Tiger helicopter the next day. Billy Mitchell also played Captain Pederson in the unofficial movie Never Say Never Again.
[GoldenEye Characters]

Manticore Goon

Played by: Unknown

Description: When Bond boards the Manticore shortly before the Tiger is stolen, this man attacks him.
[GoldenEye Characters]

French Warship Captain

Played by: Pavel Douglas

Description: This man greets Xenia when she boards the French warship where the Tiger is being displayed.
[GoldenEye Characters]

French Warship Officer

Played by: Olivier Lajous

Description: This man tells the audience on the French warship that the presentation of the Tiger helicopter is about to begin.
[GoldenEye Characters]

Captain Javert

Played by: Simon Crane

Description: Captain Javert was supposed to be the Tiger pilot before Xenia kills him and his copilot.
[GoldenEye Characters]

Tiger Co-Pilot

Played by: Unknown

Description: Along with Captain Javert, this man is killed by Xenia in order for her and Ourumov to steal the Tiger helicopter.
[GoldenEye Characters]

Tiger Announcer

Played by: Unknown

Description: This man's job is the brief the crowd on the technical specs of the Tiger helicopter. His presentation is cut short when Xenia and Ourumov steal it.
[GoldenEye Characters]

Natalya Fyodorovna Simonova

Played by: Izabella Scorupco

Description: Natalya is a computer programmer who works on the guidance systems for the GoldenEye satellite. After Severnaya is destroyed, she escapes to St. Petersburg where she realizes the Boris has double crossed her. After that, she finds herself on a whirlwind adventure with Bond, running from Ourumov, 006 and Xenia. The writers tried to make her a strong Bond girl, but she is far overshadowed by Xenia's character.
[GoldenEye Characters]

Boris Grishenko

Played by: Alan Cumming

Description: Perhaps the best comic relief in the series, Boris is a computer programmer hired by Ourumov to manage the GoldenEye computer system as well as to betray his Severnaya coworkers. His catch-phrase, "I am invincible," has been stuck in my head for more than a decade.
[GoldenEye Characters]


Played by: Michelle Arthur

Description: Anna is Natalya's friend and coworker at Severnaya who is gunned down by Xenia before stealing the GoldenEye.
[GoldenEye Characters]

Severnaya Duty Officer

Played by: Simon Kunz

Description: This officer is on duty when Ourumov and Xenia visit Severnaya to steal the GoldenEye satellite.
[GoldenEye Characters]

Miss Moneypenny

Played by: Samantha Bond

Description: A mere 30 years after the start of women's lib, Miss Moneypenny finally asserts herself as a strong woman by informing Bond that she was out on a date and joking with him about sexual harassment. However, just when you think the world has gone topsey-turvey, she tells Bond that the only punishment for it is that one day he has to make good on all his innuendos. New actress...same old Penny.
[GoldenEye Characters]

Bill Tanner

Played by: Michael Kitchen

Description: Bill Tanner is one of Bond's oldest and best friends within MI6. He is briefing Bond on the attack on Severnaya and the theft of the Tiger when M enters the room, just as he is calling her the "evil queen of numbers."
[GoldenEye Characters]


Played by: Judi Dench

Description: For the first time in the series it is admitted that an actor replacing another actor is meant to be a completely different character. Bond directly refers to M's predecessor and later, Valentin mentions something about "the new M being a lady." That said, the new M has far less of a fondness for Bond than the male M, calling him a "sexist, misogynist dinosaur" and a "relic of the cold war."
[GoldenEye Characters]

Defense Minister Dmitri Mishkin

Played by: Tchéky Karyo

Description: Defense Minister Mishkin is General Ourumov's boss and the head of the security council. He is killed by Ourumov after Mishkin captures Bond and Natalya and they tell him of Ourumov's plot.
[GoldenEye Characters]

Security Council Member

Played by: Michael G. Wilson

Description: Michael G. Wilson's cameo is as a member of the Russian Security Council.

Click here to view a screen capture of the scene Michael G. Wilson appears in.
[GoldenEye Characters]


Played by: Desmond Llewelyn

Description: After his giant role in Licence to Kill, one would have hoped that his importance to the films would continue. However, the six year break had not treated Desmond well and he could barely get his lines right in the short scene he has in GoldenEye. That said, it is still a great scene full of classic moments ...especially the "don't touch that...that's my lunch" line.
[GoldenEye Characters]

Jack Wade

Played by: Joe Don Baker

Description: After playing a villain in The Living Daylights, Joe Don Baker returns to the series as Bond's new CIA contact (Felix Leiter could no longer appear, as his legs were maimed in Licence to Kill). Baker plays the role as a loud, obnoxious and stereotypical boorish American while adding little to the plot. True, he helps Bond out numerous times, but the character of Jack Wade is completely unnecessary.
[GoldenEye Characters]

Computer Store Manager

Played by: Constantine Gregory

Description: This man runs the computer store that Natalya goes into to use their Internet to contact Boris.
[GoldenEye Characters]

Valentin Dmitrovich Zukovsky

Played by: Robbie Coltrane

Description: An old acquaintance of Bond, Valentin Zukovsky exists in the gray area between friend and foe. He would just as soon kill Bond as he would help him, but when 007 appeals to his checkbook he decides to come to his assistance. Valentin also has a limp due to when Bond shot him in the leg years ago.
[GoldenEye Characters]


Played by: Minnie Driver

Description: In addition to being a successful actress, Minnie Driver is also a musician. In this brief cameo she plays Irina, Minnie Driver plays Valentin's mistress and a singer who's voice leads Bond to ask "who strangled the cat?"
[GoldenEye Characters]

Valentin's Bodyguard

Played by: Peter Majer

Description: When Bond has a gun to Valentin's head, this bodyguard comes to his rescue.
[GoldenEye Characters]

Ourumov's Driver

Played by: Unknown

Description: This man drives Ourumov's getaway car when Bond is chasing them in the tank.
[GoldenEye Characters]

Train Driver

Played by: Trevor Byfield

Description: This man is driving the armored train when he receives the order to ram it into the tank that Bond has stolen. Needless to say, that plan doesn't work too well.
[GoldenEye Characters]

Guard in Cuba

Played by: Unknown

Description: One of 006's personal guards, this man is present inside the Cuba satellite facility and holds a gun to Boris' head while he tries to crack Natalya's encryption.
[GoldenEye Characters]

Guard in Cuba 2

Played by: Unknown

Description: This poor guard is in the wrong place in the wrong time, as he goes to investigate an elevator opening with Natalya seeming to be dead on the floor. This would be his final memory.
[GoldenEye Characters]

Helicopter Pilot

Played by: Unknown

Description: This man pilots the helicopter that Natalya hijacks to rescue Bond from the base of the satellite during the film's finale.
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