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Mission: GoldenEye
Released: November 17, 1995
Bond: Pierce Brosnan
Director: Martin Campbell
Budget: $60 Million
U.S. Boxoffice: $106.4 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $356.4 Million
Running Time: 124 Minutes
UnivEx Rating: 005

Villain: Alec Trevelyan
Organization: Self-Employed (Janus)
Scheme: Money theft and the destruction of all electronic
               devices in England
Henchmen: General Ourumov, Xenia Onnatop,
                   Boris Grishenko
Girls: Natalia Simonova, Caroline
Allies: Jack Wade, Valentin Zukovksy
Bond's Kill Count: 12
Bond's Conquest Count: 2
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Fan Reviews:
Review by "Blofeld"
Goldeneye is the best of the Brosnan flicks so far (i havent seen DAD yet) The women were good; i particularly liked Onatop. The silly tank chase in Russia was one sequence that let it down, I wish the producers would stop making scenes like this...Bond is not Rambo or Bruce Willis etc.

Still there is something about the new Bonds that doesnt have the magic I associate with the early Bonds and even up to the end of the Moore Period. Maybe i just getting old and too much of a purist..They are certainly more orientated to a mass market. i think they should tone them down a bit and concentrate on gripping storylines and characters rather than just trying to outdo precious stunts,If they are going to use 21st century tech then it should be concentrated on Intelligence like say in Patriot Games, that kink of stuff. Im not saying dont have gadgets, but Im sick of seeing Bond jump in and out of F15s while the world is exploding etc etc. The films have become more about presenting the audience with some new mindblowing stunt almost always airial.

I'm not sexist but i dont really like the female M (nothing against Judi Dench) ; just fell M should be a man, then again i didnt really like Bernard Lees replacement either.. he was lame. Still I suppose replacing Lee's M was like replacing Connery as Bond...not easy.

Review by "BondFiend"
There's something strangely alluring about Brosnan's first film. It's not exactly the beautiful women or the island of beautiful women that a part of the film was made in (Puerto Rico) or any other single factor. Honestly, I think what primarily made it such a good movie was my impression of it seeming like an obscure, low-budget action movie instead of a Bond action extravaganza! Of course, my playing the video game for months before actually seeing the movie didn't hurt either. While I'm speaking my mind about "Goldeneye" I'll just say this flic has one of the most beautiful women in the series (Izabella Scorupco) and the COOLEST fight sequence I've ever seen on film (006 vs. 007.) It's actually one of my favorite parts of the movie aside from Bond's encounter with Xenia in the casino (is it just me or does anyone else see it being a "classic" scene fifteen years down the road?)
Review by "MM. Trebuchet"
I loved it. It is a fun movie, that combines most of the classic elements, and has Edge-of-the-seat action. The combination is well done, and the action sequences don't drag out for over 10 minutes without adding something to the story.

Brosnan's pretitle sequences have been the best in the series, and this one introduced both of the villains. The idea of giving Bond a companion was great, and the bunjee jump had just the right amount of surrealism for a bond stunt. The squeaky wheel when Bond moves the cart is a nice touch, and helps to provide comic relief and suspense. The bike jump should have been scrapped, though.

The Title sequence was OK, bot the song stunk. Why don't they ever do musical ones like OHMSS anymore?

The car chase was fun, and was kept short enough. It seems that Xenia is really enjoying herself, and there are no explosions, something that cannot be said of many movies. The bikers were very well done.

The Casino was one of my favorite casino scenes, and it brought in what of the newer movies have lacked. Xenia was at her best here. Pierce delivers his lines very well, with only one problem in the lack of pause before "a tip for your..."

The scene with her and the admiral, however, I did not like. I NEVER like the sex scenes. I guess it was pretty good, but I just don't personally like it.

The Sevrenaya sequence was brilliant. It adds a whole lot to the story, and it puts horror into Natalia's life. She is an intelligent young woman, and she plays her part wonderfully. On a small note, I really liked the pause between the actual EMP and when things started exploding.

Judy Dench did a great job, she is an excellent actress. Samantha Bond was a great choice for Moneypenny; she is quite attractive, and she has a new way of teasing Bond.

Q-branch was one of the best ever, (mainly because of the telephone booth.) "It's my lunch!"

Wade was well played, and I rather like the part; it's just that the character is unlikable. The gardening thing could have been played up, woulda' been fun. The sledgehammer car was a funny idea, and it worked.

Zukovsky... He was Great! He played the part well, and the character was unique. Neither black nor white, but far from neutral. Irena was also a fun part.

The scene at the statue park was very good, although I am not personally fond of it. Pierce does a very good job here, and he shows emotion very well. It was also fast enough, they explained what needed saying, and stopped there.

The archives scene was well done, and pushing over the books was a great move. The interrogation was kept serious, Natalia acted very well.

Now, the Tank Chase. I love it. You can't help but smile when you see a TANK come BLASTING through a BRICK WALL. It was also good in that the way in which Bond used the tank was always different. The statue carrying was fun.

The Train scene was very good, especially Orumov's death (It wasn't dragged out over 5 minutes). Although they could have given Bond a few more seconds to get out. I love the look on Pierce's face when Natalia tells him about the spiking.

The sequence at the beach is my favorite love scene. Natalia was a smart, good, caring person, and her highly quoted line has never been equaled. The pillow smothering was also a nice touch. Bond shows hurt on the shore, and Natalia has a brain, and tries to reason with him.

I didn't really like the fight scene between Bond and Xenia. The introduction with the dream thing was wierd to me, and I liked the Xenia of the car chase best.

The inside of the Janus base was a great set, but the movie was officially an action movie from then on, and it was like any other action scene. Natalia did a good job with Boris, who also did a good job. The freezing was great.

The Battle on top of the cradle was very well done, Action packed, but not overly long. The zooming in on Travelyan's mouth when the antenna falls was well done, and his REAL death was short enough.

The marines emerging was also very funny.

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