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Mission: Live and Let Die
Released: July 12, 1973
Bond: Roger Moore
Director: Guy Hamilton
Budget: $7 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $126.4 Million
Running Time: 121 Minutes

Villain: Mr. Big/Dr. Kananga
Organization: Self-Employed
Scheme: Total control of the heroin market
Henchmen: Tee Hee, Whisper
Girls: Miss Caruso, Rosie Carver, Solitaire
Allies: Felix Leiter, Quarrel Jr.
Bond's Kill Count: 7
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The Characters (in order of appearance):
[LLD Characters]


Played by: Unknown

Description: The first of three victims during the pre-title sequence, Dawes is the British UN advisor who is killed by a high frequency sound penetrating his brain.
[LLD Characters]

Kananga/Mr. Big

Played by: Yaphett Kotto

Description: Kananga is the sinister foreign minister of San Monique. While he poses as a mild-mannered third world diplomat, Kananga is actually a megalomaniacal drug smuggler who is about to corner the North American heroin market.
[LLD Characters]


Played by: Jane Seymour

Description: The mystical mistress of tarot cards and Kananga, Solitaire has the supernatural power of the obeah-the 'second sight.' After being tricked by Bond, Solitaire loses her power, falls in love with Bond and eventually helps him destroy Kananga and his drug empire.
[LLD Characters]


Played by: Robert Dix

Description: Hamilton is a British agent on loan to the CIA who is assassinated in New Orleans during the pre-title sequence.
[LLD Characters]

Hamilton's Killer

Played by: Unknown

Description: This man stabs Hamilton in New Orleans during the Jazz Funeral.
[LLD Characters]


Played by: Dennis Edwards

Description: The final pre-title victim, Baines is killed by a snake bite on Kananga's island of San Monique. He and Bond shared the same bootmaker.
[LLD Characters]

James Bond

Played by: Roger Moore

Description: With more tounge-in-cheek innuendos and a less gritty portrayal, Live and Let Die introduces Roger Moore as the new James Bond, a role he takes in stride. The movie, as are many of Moore's films, lacks a certain edge that the Connery Bonds had. Still, Moore makes the character his own: a secret agent more likely to crack a one-liner than kill someone in cold blood.
[LLD Characters]

Miss Caruso

Played by: Madeline Smith

Description: A lovely Italian Secret Service agent, Miss Caruso is the buxom brunette hiding in James Bond's closet when M and Moneypenny pay 007 an early morning visit with mission instructions.
[LLD Characters]


Played by: Bernard Lee

Description: M pays Bond an early morning visit to 007's flat to give him his instructions. Not aware of modern technology, M is amazed at the elaborate coffee machine and asks Bond, "is that all it does?'
[LLD Characters]

Miss Moneypenny

Played by: Lois Maxwell

Description: Moneypenny follows M to Bond's flat and sees Miss Caruso sneaking out of Bond's bedroom to hide in the closet. She helps Bond hide Caruso when M goes to get his jacket and, before she leaves, Moneypenny jokes to Bond, "Caio bella."
[LLD Characters]

Bond's Driver

Played by: Unknown

Description: This man falls victim to Whisper's white pimpmobile when driving Bond around New York City. He is shot in the neck with a deadly dart and crashes the car he is driving.
[LLD Characters]


Played by: Earl Jolly Brown

Description: Whisper is an extremely soft-spoken, portly assassin employed by Kananga. The driver of the white pimpmobile, Whisper is incapacitated but never killed by Bond during the film's climax.
[LLD Characters]

Felix Leiter

Played by: David Hedison

Description: In the first of his two appearances as Felix Leiter, David Hedison helps Bond both in New York City and New Orleans.
[LLD Characters]


Played by: Kubi Chaza

Description: This woman is the clerk at the Oh Cult Voodoo Shop who is in cahoots with Kananga. She lets Kananga's henchmen know that Bond is following them to Harlem.
[LLD Characters]

Cab Driver

Played by: Arnold Williams

Description: Bond gets a cab ride from this man both in New York City and in New Orleans. Both times the cabbie is working for Kananga.
[LLD Characters]

Tee Hee

Played by: Julius Harris

Description: Tee Hee is Kananga's chuckling associate and right hand man. After losing his arm to a crocodile named Albert, Tee Hee has a mechanical claw in its place. He eventually loses a fight and his arm to Bond aboard a train at the end of the film.
[LLD Characters]

Kananga's Henchman

Played by: Tommy Lane

Description: Tommy Lane plays a minor henchman who is almost always with Kananga in New York City and New Orleans.
[LLD Characters]

Harold Strutter

Played by: Lon Satton

Description: Strutter is a resourceful CIA operative who follows Bond into Harlem and helps him escape from Kananga's assassins. He later meets the same fate as Hamilton, being killed by the New Orleans Jazz Funeral.
[LLD Characters]

Baron Samedi

Played by: Geoffrey Holder

Description: One of Kananga's giant henchmen, Samedi is six feet, six inches of Voodoo lore. Samedi switches between being a henchman and a performer in San Monique.
[LLD Characters]

Rosie Carver

Played by: Gloria Hendry

Description: An inept CIA liaison, Rosie Carver is Bond's contact in San Monique. In reality, Rosie's CIA cover is a sham; she's really working for Kananga. Rosie is eventually killed when she blunders into one of Kananga's jungle booby traps.
[LLD Characters]

Quarrel Jr

Played by: Roy Stewart

Description: The son of Dr. No's Quarrel, Quarrel Jr. is Bond's boat driver when he is investigating San Monique. Quarrel Jr. later helps Bond plant explosives around the island.
[LLD Characters]

Mrs. Bell

Played by: Ruth Kempf

Description: Mrs. Bell is the woman in Mr. Bleeker's plane when he steals it to escape from Kananga's men in the New Orleans airport.
[LLD Characters]

Mr. Bleeker

Played by: Stephen Hendrickson

Description: Mr. Bleeker is the owner of the plane that Bond destroys while escaping from Kananga's henchmen.
[LLD Characters]

Sherrif JW Pepper

Played by: Clifton James

Description: JW Pepper is a bumbling Louisiana lawman who is a caricature of the tough-talking Southern peace officer. Introduced as an outraged policeman, Pepper can't seem to halt the motorboat chase between Bond and Kananga's henchmen.
[LLD Characters]

Billy Bob

Played by: Unknown

Description: Billy Bob is Sherrif JW Pepper's brother-in-law who owns the fastest boat in the bayou and who works for teh Staet Wildlife Department at Ranger Station.
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