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Mission: Licence to Kill
Released: June 13, 1989
Bond: Timothy Dalton
Director: John Glen
Budget: $42 Million
U.S. Boxoffice: $34.6 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $156.2 Million
Running Time: 133 Minutes
UnivEx Rating: 005

Villain: Franz Sanchez
Organization: Self-Employed
Scheme: Selling cocaine
Henchmen: Dario, Heller, Truman-Lodge, Milton Krest
Girls: Pam Bouvier, Lupe Lamora
Allies: Q, Felix Leiter, Sharkey
Bond's Kill Count: 12
Bond's Conquest Count: 2
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Fan Reviews:
When I saw that Timothy Dalton was playing James Bond at the movie store, i thought "He's a good actor he should be good at this role."

Geeze was I wrong, this has to be the worst movie in the serise. The severe beating of Felix Liter has to be the worst plot ever, James Bond movie or not. The entire movie was so boring I spent most of the time in the bathroom. With the maggots hiding the drugs, the sharks trying to eat people, it proves that mexican drug loards to not make the best villians.

Sean Gleeson
First of all, I want to say that "License to Kill" is no where near as bad as many people seem to think it is. It is one of the best action movies I have ever watched in my life. However, I would readily admit that, as a James Bond movie . . . well, it's just too different and too dark. At the time, just a couple years after Roger Moore's ultra-campy time, it was just too serious to be accepted. This is the sort of revenge movie that should have come after "On her Majesty's Secret Service"; it would have recieved a much better reception if it had to do with the Tracy vendetta. I'm also going to break one of the central tenants held by all Bond fans and say that, if Dalton had continued as Bond, he would have become the best Bond, ever. Yes, I'm saying that he could have been better than Connery. Again, his timing was off, and he was just too different from Roger Moore. As a final judgement on the movie, I rank it as 14th out of 19, with a qualification that, if it had come at any other time than when it did, and with a slight change in vendettas, it could have been one of the best of the series.
Dejan Gantar
I don't see why people dis-like "Licence To Kill". Yes I'll admitt it that it had everything that doesn't make a James Bond movie.I guess I only liked it as an action movie. I mean, 007 would never quit the secret service. I think feedind Felix Leiter to sharks is a bad idea. Espically, after 007 and Felix were good friends for such a long time. any way,the plot of the movie goes something like this: when drug lord Franz sanchez escapes after being caught by 007, Felix Leiter and the DEA (at the cool beggining seqence)he goes off getting revenge on the main man that caught him-Felix Leiter. After he catches Felix Leiter, Franz Sanchez kills Felix's wife and then he feeds Felix's left leg to hungry sharks. After 007 finds out he gets mad. And that's when the real action starts.As for my opinion "Licence To Kill" is the most violent Bond film I've ever seen, but as an action movie it wasn't that bad, and Timothy Dalton as 007 wasn't that bad either.So "Licence To Kill"Is'nt the best 007 movie I've ever seen but it's not the worst either.

I'd have to give it 3,1/2 out of 6 stars.

Derek Johnsonr
"Licence to Kill" is IMHO the best Bond movie of the 1980s and arguably the best since OHMSS. The producers have taken what they needed from Fleming (notably "Live And Let Die" and "The Hildebrand Rarity") and turned in a smart action picture. A tough, brutal and mean action picture. Indeed, it's so mean that it alienated many fans.

Dalton is more focused here than in his previous outing, largely because he doesn't have to deal with the juvenile humor with which he was so uncomfortable. Robert Davi's Sanchez is the series' most lethal and charming creation; he oozes both characteristics in practically every scene. His henchmen lack his presence, but they're an effective group of thugs, especially Benicio Del Toro as Dario. Desmond Llewlyn is given much more screen time than ever before; every scene with him is a delight. Even Wayne Newton's Joe Butcher is fun.

There are problems, however. The women, while both beautiful, are stiff and lack charisma. Talisa Soto is especially annoying; like Sophia Coppola in The Godfather III, her character has most of the picture's dramatic weight, but she can't act. I laughed--hard--during her "I love James so much" line. Carey Lowell is much better, but she lacks the screen presence of many of the other actresses in the series. The movie makes good use of the Key West locations, especially the Hemmingway House, but the fictional Isthmus City is too vague and never stands out.

Technically, the film is competent. Director John Glen does a great job with the action sequences, filling them with the gritty realism of the early films, but for the most part his camerawork is routine and lacks the vigor one finds in GoldenEye. The Maibaum-Wilson script is quite good plotwise, and is more focused than The Living Daylights, A View to a Kill or Octopussy, but the dialogue lacks the zip and wit of movies like Goldfinger and Diamonds Are Forever. Maurice Binder's title design (his last one, unfortunately) lacks the energy and eroticism of previous efforts, but it's his most enjoyable since The Spy Who Loved Me or For Your Eyes Only. Gladys Knight's theme song, and Patti La Belle's end number "If You Asked Me To", aren't bad, but neither have the spark of other entries. The same could be said of Michael Kamen's score. I never thought I'd say this, but this is one soundtrack that relies too heavily on the James Bond theme.

It may seem like I'm trashing the movie. I assure you I'm not. I'd rather watch this than any other entry from the seventies or eighties. The chemistry between Dalton and Davi, and the ending chase sequence are alone worth the rental price. The movie zips along and generates more suspense than most of the others. And while it lacks some of sutblety of classic Bond, it is more of a Bond movie than anything from the seventies and most of the eighties.

In License To Kill, Bond is thought to be too violent, and the story too hard for fans. I ask you - how else should 007 react to his best friend's murder. We see Tracy still causes him pain, when Della offers him her garter. Now, Leiter's maiming - I think he's justified in behaving like he did. His revenge for Tracy's death was, for lack of better words - piss-weak, just a pre-title sequence and that was really it. This film show's James' human side, and how his training and missions serve him when HE needs it. It is a very Fleming movie - and for those who whine about Leiter's shark attack - it was a Fleming-concieved incident - in Live and Let Die. Bond's infiltration of Sanchez is very similar to the Man with the Golden Gun book, and all in all, it flows very well as a departure from the series. GoldenEye showed James being evaluated, perhaps it was for this. Either way, I think that Dalton saved the image of Bond from Roger Moore, who I think reuined it (with the exception of For Your Eyes Only), and that he is the truest Bond. License to Kill doesn't really deserve it's repututation as the worst of the lot, but I can see why those who don't like it don't like it. 005/007
Chris Boyd
This movie is not as bad as everyone says. While the plot isn't that great, it shows the dark side of Bond. Carey Lowell plays one of the most beautiful Bond girls. She is one of my favorites. I give the film a 004
Beth Corey
Personal Rating 007 Licence to Kill I think is a great Bond film. I'm not saying it's the greatest of the series and it definitely isn't, but it is sure close. I loved the plot. It shows that Bond is not this super agent that is unfeeling. It shows that he has emotions and that he cares about his friends. The girls are a good part in this movie. They keep the story going. Pam Bovier is a good help for Bond in this movie. She can fight and she knows alot of Bond wants with Sanchez. And, Sanchez's girlfriend helps Bond by telling him what Sanchez's next move is. And, Q. Q's role in this movie is much bigger than in the other Bond films. Gadgets in this movie are a big help for Bond. Like the signature gun, and plastic explosives. This movie had the right ingredients of Bond film, action, romance, a little bit of comedy. Even though it's not the greatest, it's a good movie to relax to and watch if you are a 007 fan.
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