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Mission: Licence to Kill
Released: June 13, 1989
Bond: Timothy Dalton
Director: John Glen
Budget: $42 Million
U.S. Boxoffice: $34.6 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $156.2 Million
Running Time: 133 Minutes
UnivEx Rating: 005

Villain: Franz Sanchez
Organization: Self-Employed
Scheme: Selling cocaine
Henchmen: Dario, Heller, Truman-Lodge, Milton Krest
Girls: Pam Bouvier, Lupe Lamora
Allies: Q, Felix Leiter, Sharkey
Bond's Kill Count: 12
Bond's Conquest Count: 2
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[License To Kill Special Edition]
The Gadgets:
[License to Kill Gadget] Gadget: Coast Guard Helicopter
Status: In Storage

Description: This is the helicopter from the pre-title sequence that Bond dangled out of while "roping" up Sanchez's plane.
[License to Kill Gadget] Gadget: Bullet Proof Vest
Status: Destroyed

Description: Pam Bouvier's life is saved thanks to this bullet proof vest when Dario shoots her in the back while escaping the Barrelhead Bar.
[License to Kill Gadget] Gadget: Mantaray Camouflouge
Status: Lost in the Field

Description: Bond uses this fake mantaray when trying to sneak on board the Wavekrest.
[License to Kill Gadget] Gadget: Exploding Alarm Clock
Status: In Storage

Description: Though never used, Q shows Bond this exploding alarm clock...gaurenteed to never wake up anyone who uses it.
[License to Kill Gadget] Gadget: Laser X-Ray Camera
Status: In Storage

Description: Another gadget that was never used in Bond's mission, Pam nearly kills Bond and Q when she takes a photo and a laser comes out instead of the flash. The photo it takes is also an x-ray.
[License to Kill Gadget] Gadget: Signature Gun
Status: Lost in the Field

Description: After Q imprints 007's handprint into the gun's memory, he is the only person who can use it. Bond is set to use it to kill Sanchez after blowing up his window, but two ninjas attack him and foil his plan.
[License to Kill Gadget] Gadget: Signature Gun Ammo
Status: Used

Description: These powerful rounds go into Bond's signature gun.
[License to Kill Gadget] Gadget: Rapelling Cummerbun
Status: Lost in the Field

Description: Bond's tuxedo cummerbun hides a rapelling device that Bond uses to get close enough to Sanchez's window to place explosives and a detonater.
[License to Kill Gadget] Gadget: Dentonite Toothpaste
Status: Used

Description: Inside this tube of Dentonite toothpaste is a powerful plastic explosive. Bond uses it in his attempted assassination of Sanchez.
[License to Kill Gadget] Gadget: Lark Cigarettes
Status: Destroyed

Description: This pack of Lark cigarettes doubles as the trigger Bond uses to detonate the Dentonite plastic explosive.
[License to Kill Gadget] Gadget: Detonator
Status: Lost in the Field

Description: Bond uses this detonator to activate the bomb outside Sanchez's office window.
[License to Kill Gadget] Gadget: Stinger Missiles
Status: Used

Description: The subplot of the film revolved around the sale of these Stinger missiles, which Sanchez eventually uses while trying to kill Bond
[License to Kill Gadget] Gadget: Broom Transmitter
Status: Tossed Away

Description: A device used by Q in the field, the broom transmitter was a two-way radio hidden inside a broom. Q uses it to give Pam updates on Bond's status. In an ironic moment, when Q no longer needs the transmitter he just tosses it away...doing exactly what he has always told Bond not to do.
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