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[James Bond Movies]
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Mission: Octopussy
Released: June 6, 1983
Bond: Roger Moore
Director: John Glen
Budget: $27.5 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $183.7 Million
Running Time: 131 Minutes

Villain: Kamal Khan
Organization: Self-Employed
Scheme: To steal Russian jewels and detonate a
               nuclear bomb on a U.S. Air Force base
Henchmen: Orlov, Gobinda, Mischka, Grischka
Girls: Octopussy, Magda
Allies: Vijay, General Gogol, Bianca
Bond's Kill Count: 14
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For Sale
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Fan Reviews
Jordan Youngblood
This is, in my opinion,one of the best James Bond films, continuing the tradition from FYEO. Moore continues to excel in the role, and has a bit of hard-edged Connery( see the scene where Bond confronts Orlov in the train car.) Although Maud Adams is no Anya Amasova, she is a very good Bond girl, and she actually gives orders, not sit back and yell for James to save her pretty behind at each turn. The villians are quite good. Orlov's insanity is well played, matched perfectly with the calmness of Kamal Khan, very nicely acted by Louis Jordain. And then there are the action sequences. The great teaser, the chase and killing of 009, the chase in India's streets(although marred by too much sillyness), Bond's hunting in the jungle,and the incredible ending, with the train, car, circus, and plane all thrown together in one big explosive mess. The only part of the film that stinks is the Tarzan yell. Arghhh!!! Didn't they learn from the debacle of the 360-degree jump in TMWTGG? But otherwise a great film. Number 6 on my list of the films, which are in this order:

#1-The Spy Who Loved Me
#3-From Russia With Love
#4-For Your Eyes Only
#5-The Living Daylights
#8-Tomorrow Never Dies
#9-On Her Majesty's Secret Service
#10-Live and Let Die
#11-Dr. No
#13-Diamonds are Forever
#15-Licence to Kill
#16-A View to a Kill
#17-You Only Live Twice
#18-The Man With The Golden Gun

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