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On Her Majesty's Secret Service At-a-Glance

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On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Fan Reviews

On Her Majesty's Secret Service Movie PosterSean Gleeson
The best movie of the series, and my personal second favorite. This was a great, great, great movie. It had everything: Blofield, Tracy, Con. . . ok, so maybe it didn't have everything. Lazenby was a decent Bond, better than Roger Moore ever was, but he just didn't have the right look. Moore, at least, had that, except for the movies when he was around sixty, buts for another review. Telly Savalas was a great Blofield, and is one of the reasons why Blofield is one of my personal favorite Villains of any movie series. He may not have been the most "evil" of the Blofields, until the end, of course, but he was the best.

Speaking of the ending . . . the best ending of any Bond movie. The only ending with true emotion. The only time in any movie that James Bond truly seems like a human being capable of heart-breaking emotion. It is the last few minutes of the movie that makes this one of the greatest of the Bond films. I only hope that one day they can make another movie with Ernst Stavro Blofield, so that Bond can get the justice he truly deserves. That opening of "For Your Eyes Only" just doesn't cut it, mostly because, I mean, its Roger Moore. It was practically a joke, and I think it was kind of offensive to the greatness of this movie.

Overall, I rank this movie, as a personal favorite, number 2 of 19.

Christopher Jenkins
This was the film that got me interested in Bond film's once again. Hands down, the best Bond movie I have ever seen. Although I really like Shaun Connery as Bond, I must say that George Lazenby plays a perfect Bond...and Telly Savalas as Blofeld?! PERFECT!

Savalas was a definite highlight of this film, perfectly slick. From the way he speaks, moves, and dresses to the way that he holds his cigarettes while he smokes them and explains his perfectly sinister ploy. Brilliant. In my opinion, James Bond was a series that had its best moments where spy movies belonged; in the sixty's.

The sixty's were perfect for spy movies, and On Her Majesty's Secret Service is one of the few Bond movies that I watch over and over again. I had the chance to visit the town of Interlaken, Switzerland this year where OHMSS was filmed, which made me like and appreciate the movie even more. Priceless piece of cinema.

Michael Swaidan
I think that Lazenby was a very bad 007. He didn't really have that "Bond" effect that the others do. I did like the idea of Bond getting married (to bad she was shot!). I think they did a good job on the ski chase. Though it wasn't as good as the A View to a Kill one, it did have some good moments in it (take the guys falling off the cliff for example). My favorite part was when the "Red Cross" attacked Bloefeld's headquarters. Speaking of Bloefeld, Telly (whatever) did a bad job on Bloefeld. He didn't really have that "meaness" in him. The only part that express it was when he and that one women murdured Tracy. The ending bobsled chase was also pretty good to. My rating: **1/2 out of **** stars. The theme was also pretty good.

Jeric Smouston
A.K.A. "On Her Majesty's Sucky Service." Wow, this one sucked. Where to begin? Lazenby, the prolonged opening, the crappy acting, all this and more. Hell, Moore would've done it better! First, Lazenby had the screen presance of a coat rack. The coat rack in Monny Penny's office upstaged him, twice. There was the unnecessary revisiting of the damned 'Mango Tree' song. The superb action sequences were quickly forgotten thanks to sappy love stories and Bond in skirts.

Not to compare to Connery, since it would demean Connery, but Lazenby has to trick women into sleeping with him with a picture book. What happened to the Bond who could slap the living shit out of On Her Majesty's Secret Service Movie PosterTatyana and still get laid morning, noon, night, early moringing, and late afternoon? These films are supposed to be fun, not moving. The only movement I felt was a bowel movement in between crappy scenes. I'll say this, it was a lovely bathroom. We had to wait and wait for a plot to get going, the thing with his fiancee was no plot, and he spend his whole time with Blofeld noodling around until he was caught. Then it became a Bond movie. Bobsled chases, guns, Bond in pants. Then when all was said and done, the incredibly emotional and touching death of Bond's wife scene.

Never have I cried so much during a film. Yessir, I cried out the praises of this wenches death so loud that Amsterdam could hear. It was a well enough idea, but poorly executed. I don't want to leave the film with Bond crying over his wife's dead body. He should throw her in the dumpster and go adventuring. One of the worst of the series, only surpassed by Moonraker and License to Kill.

Debra Major
Great. George Lazenby does the best He can in this bond movie. I don't know about anyone else, but for someone who was doing a bond movie after Connery, he did a damn good job. However, the movie itself in some parts is too proper to be a "real bond movie" but is still really good. I think that if Connery was Bond in that movie, No bond movie would ever surpass it. Sure The Spy Who Loved Me was good, but the thought of connery in it is just cool.

This movie to me is a mixture of Romance, Sadness, Action and hate. The Ski Chase was perfect, No ski chase, even the A View to a Kill chase has been better. because the dodging of bullets, men chasing bond around and the way it was filmed was perfect. Another good part was Telly Savalas as Blofeld. Savalas surpassed Donald Pleasance's Blofeld by a landslide. because he has that "charming evil genius" thing about him.

But Where is the scar over his eye? But the most memorable thing in this movie has to be the shooting of Tracy after they have been married. The Irma Bunt thing is also good. It is really nice to see a villainess of Rosa Klebb's calibre return to the set. One small problem like Live And Let Die was that it took a while to grasp the plot of the movie. other than that I rate this movie # 2 out of 19 (# 1 being Goldfinger) or 90% out of 100%

Chris Parsons
To a casual observer, the older Bond movies, such as this one, are not as spectacular as the newer ones. The fighting is corny and the explosions are a joke. However, without all the entrancing special effects, one somehow appreciates Bond's charactor much more. He becomes smoother and more real when the producers must focus on his charactor rather than the outlandish special effects.

This was a great move. No one can reasonably argue against that. The storyline and originality within the Bond movies of the time was superb. If one closed his, or may be even her, eyes Bond came alive as the man of all men, a man's man. That was the only problem with the movie though. Sometimes I wished I'd watched Lazenby's scenes with my eyes closed. Don't get me wrong, he nailed the part of 007. However, he looked like a banker, not the deadly, secret agent all have come to love. Perhaps the reason Blofield mistook Bond for a geneologist was that he looked like one. Other than that, the movie was great. I think it may have been the best storyline ever.


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