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[James Bond Movies]
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Mission: The Spy Who Loved Me
Released: July 7, 1977
Bond: Roger Moore
Director: Lewis Gilbert
Budget: $13 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $185.4 Million
Running Time: 125 Minutes

Villain: Karl Stromberg
Organization: Self-Employed
Scheme: Drowning all life on earth
Henchmen: Jaws, Naomi, Sandor
Girls: Ski Girl, Hosein's Girl, Anya Amasova
Allies: Gogol, Captain Carter, Hosein
Bond's Kill Count: 14
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[TSWLM Special Edition]
The Characters (in order of appearance):
[TSWLM Characters]

Captain Talbot

Played by: Bryan Marshal

Description: Talbot is the captain of the British nuclear submarine Ranger which is swallowed by The Liparus in the pre-title sequence. He later joins forces with Bond during the attack on The Liparus.
[TSWLM Characters]

Ranger Officer

Played by: Michael Howarth

Description: This young officer is playing chess when the Ranger is captured by The Liparus during the pre-title sequence.
[TSWLM Characters]


Played by: Eva Reuber-Staier

Description: When General Gogol is informed of the missing nuclear submarines during the pre-title sequence, his beautiful secretary is briefly seen. She later appears in For Your Eyes Only and Octopussy.
[TSWLM Characters]

Anatol Gogol

Played by: Walter Gotell

Description: Walter Gotell, Morzeny in From Russia With Love, makes his first of many appearances as General Gogol in The Spy Who Loves Me. Gogol is the head of the KGB and is on a mission of detente with the British. Him and M are aiming for better Anglo-Soviet relations and they feel that teaming up XXX and Bond on this mission is one of the first steps.
[TSWLM Characters]

Anya Amasova

Played by: Barbara Bach

Description: Agent Anya Amasova, codenamed XXX, is the Russian female equivelant of Bond. Like 007, XXX is on a mission to recover the submarine tracking device and stop the theft of Russian nuclear subs. Later, after meeting and escaping from Bond, the two of them team up to go after Stromberg together.
[TSWLM Characters]

Sergei Barsov

Played by: Michael Billington

Description: One of the assailants during the pre-title sequence, Barsov is the man that Bond kills with his ski pole flare gun. Barsov was also XXX's lover, a fact that leads Anya to tell Bond, "when this mission is over I will kill you."
[TSWLM Characters]

Log Cabin Girl

Played by: Sue Vanner

Description: Bond is making love to this girl during the pre-title sequence when he receives a transmission from M that he must report to headquarters immediately. After he leaves, she radios the Soviet hit team to inform them that Bond has just left.
[TSWLM Characters]

James Bond

Played by: Roger Moore

Description: Following the theory that each actor's third Bond film is their best, Roger Moore turns in a spectacular performance in The Spy Who Loved Me. His lighter than life approach to the role fits in perfectly with the grandiose sets and plot of the film.
[TSWLM Characters]

Captian Forsythe

Played by: Jeremy Wilkin

Description: Bond is briefly introduced to Captain Forsythe when he meets with M and other British Navy officials to learn about the submarine tracking system.
[TSWLM Characters]

Captian Benson

Played by: George Baker

Description: Captain Benson is a British nuclear submarine staff officer who is the first to learn about the mysterious disappearance of the Ranger.
[TSWLM Characters]

Sir Frederick Gray

Played by: Geoffrey Keen

Description: Sir Frederick Gray is the British Minister Of Defence, a role that he would repeat many times in the series. In The Spy Who Loved Me, he is present at the tracking system debriefing as well as giving Bond more information after the session is over.
[TSWLM Characters]


Played by: Desmond Llewelyn

Description: Q has an unusually large role in The Spy Who Loved Me, appearing during the initial tracking system debriefing, in the Egyptian MI6 headquarters and finally, in Sardinia to give Bond the Lotus Esprit.
[TSWLM Characters]

Admiral Hargreaves

Played by: Robert Brown

Description: Admiral Hargreaves is the Flag Officer Submarines, portrayed by Robert Brown who would later play M beginning in Octopussy. Hargreaves also has the distinction of being the first person to recognize Bond's previous service on the Ark Royal aircraft carrier and thereby acknowledge 007's naval career.
[TSWLM Characters]

Karl Stromberg

Played by: Curt Jurgens

Description: Stromberg is a multi-millionaire megalomaniac bent on destroying all life on Earth due to its imperfection. His plot involves the theft of nuclear submarines and the firing of their missiles at land targets. The world would flood and Atlantis would be the only structure to survive.
[TSWLM Characters]

Dr. Bechmann

Played by: Cyril Shaps

Description: Dr. Bechmann is one of the two scientists responsible for the creation of the submarine-tracking device. He and his colleague, Professor Markovitz are killed by Stromberg aboard their helicopter.
[TSWLM Characters]

Professor Markovitz

Played by: Milo Sperber

Description: Professor Markovitz is the other scientist responsible for the creation of the submarine-tracking device. He and his colleague, Dr. Bechmannare killed by Stromberg aboard their helicopter.
[TSWLM Characters]

Stromberg's Assistant

Played by: Marilyn Galsworthy

Description: Stromberg's secretary meets an untimely death at the hands of Stromberg's sharks when he learns that it was she who was selling the secrets of the submarine tracking system to foreign parties.
[TSWLM Characters]


Played by: Richard Kiel

Description: Jaws is undeniably one of the most popular characters in the entire James Bond series. Acting as Stromberg's henchman in The Spy Who Loved Me, Jaws follows Bond around the world in a vain effort to stop him from preventing Stromberg's plot. In the end of the film, Jaws escapes the exploding Atlantis and swims away to safety.
[TSWLM Characters]


Played by: Milton Reid

Description: Sandor is one of Stromberg's henchmen who tries to kill Bond at Fekkesh's Cairo apartment. The bullet misses its mark, and a fight, which Sandor loses, breaks out on the apartment roof. Before he falls to his death he tells Bond that Fekkesh can be found at the pyramids.
[TSWLM Characters]

Sheike Hosein

Played by: Edward de Souzal

Description: Sheike Hosein is a British Secret Service agent masquerading as a desert chieftan outside Cairo. After exchanging the passcodes, Hosein informs Bond that the submarine tracking system is being sold on the black market. He also offers Bond bed and a bedmate for the evening.
[TSWLM Characters]

Hosein's Girl

Played by: Unknown

Description: Sheike Hosein offers Bond this beautiful girl for the night when Bond spends the evening under his protection.
[TSWLM Characters]


Played by: Olga Bisera

Description: Felicca is an Egyptian secretary who is kissing Bond in the living room of Fekkesh's Cairo house when the assassin Sandor opens fire, killing her by accident.
[TSWLM Characters]

Aziz Fekkesh

Played by: Nadim Sawalhaa

Description: Fekkesh is an Egyptian black-market trader who is one of the people involved in the sale of the submarine tracking system. He is murdered by Jaws during a huge outside show at the pyramids.
[TSWLM Characters]

Michael G. Wilson

Played by: Michael G. Wilson

Description: Making his first cameo since Goldfinger, Michael G. Wilson can briefly be seen sitting behind XXX and Fekkesh at the Great Pyramids. Click the below link for a full-sized capture of the scene.

Full Image
[TSWLM Characters]

Max Kalba

Played by: Vernon Dobtcheff

Description: Kalba is the owner of the Mojaba nightclub and is also working on the black-market sale of the microfiche of the submarine tracking system. Much like his cohort Fekkesh, Kalba is killed by Jaws, this time in the phone booth of his own club.
[TSWLM Characters]

Miss Moneypenny

Played by: Lois Maxwell

Description: In perhaps her smallest role of the series, Moneypenny is briefly seen when Bond enters the Egyptian MI6 headquarters.
[TSWLM Characters]


Played by: Bernard Lee

Description: M shares his screen time in The Spy Who Loved Me with his KGB counterpart, General Gogol. Meeting with Bond in the Egyptian MI6 headquarters he and Gogl team up Bond and XXX to find and stop Stromberg.
[TSWLM Characters]

Sardinia Hotel Receptionist

Played by: Valerie Leon

Description: This buxom brunette is the receptionist in the hotel Bond and XXX use while in Sardinia. She has a very small role, but it is enough to make Agent Amasova jealous when the receptionist delivers a message to Bond.
[TSWLM Characters]


Played by: Caroline Munro

Description: Naomi is Stromberg's assistant and helicopter pilot who, after showing Bond and XXX to Stromberg, tries to kill them in her helicopter.
[TSWLM Characters]

Commander Carter

Played by: Shane Rimmer

Description: Commander Carter is an American nuclear submarine skipper who helps Bond and XXX get on board both The Liparus and Atlantis. It is his room that Agent Amasova takes a shower in.
[TSWLM Characters]

Liparus Captain

Played by: Sydney Tafler

Description: The captain of the Liparus is responsible for overseeing the nuclear destruction of the world as well as preventing Bond from stopping Stromberg's plot. He is unsuccessful at both jobs.
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