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[007 Image]

Pierce Brosnan

as James Bond

Brosnan steps into 007's shoes for his third outing as the world's most famous suave secret agent. This is the last of his three picture deal but he has the option for a fourth.
[Sophie Marceau Image]

Sophie Marceau

as Elektra King

Sophie Marceau plays Elektra King, the daughter of a murdered British oil tycoon Sir Robert King. Bond's original assignment is to protect her but as the movie progresses we learn that it is a much more tangled web.
[Denise Richards Image]

Denise Richards

as Dr. Christmas Jones

Denise Richards plays Dr. Christmas Jones, a nuclear weapons expert. She first meets Bond in Kazakhstan where she eventually needs his help to escape when the complex she is working in explodes. Jones tags along with Bond for the rest of the film and offers aid in defusing a nuclear bomb.
[Robert Carlyle Image]

Robert Carlyle

as Renard

Victor Zukos, AKA Renard, kidnapped Electra King years earlier. When her father asked MI6 for help M sent 009 to kill him. 009 shot him in the head but it didn't kill him; instead it made him impervious to pain. It is now 007's task to finish the job.
[Gabor Image]

John Seru

as Gabor

Gabor is Elektra's right hand man and bodyguard. He goes everywhere she does and has a particular distaste for Bond. Although he doesn't say much during the movie, his presence is well known.
[Bull Image]


as Bull

Bull acts as the right hand man and driver to Valentine Zukovsky. He first meets Bond in the casino and hates him then. His mouth is filled with gold teeth and he always carries around a gold-plated briefcase. A man like this can only be up to no good.
[Cigar Girl Image]

Maria Grazia Cucinotta

as The Cigar Girl

The Cigar Girl seems to be an innocent beauty in the pre-title sequence but when Bond gets back to MI6 and Sir Robert King is killed she is behind it. Bond proceeds to peruse her in a spectacular boat chase down the River Thames. This chase ends up in a hot air balloon battle above the Millennium Dome.
[Molly Warmflash Image]

Serena Scott-Thomas

as Dr. Molly Warmflash

Molly Warmflash is Bond's personal physician. When 007 dislocates his collarbone and needs a clean bill of health to return to duty, she is the one he goes to. Using his "charms", Bond manages to be cleared for active duty.
[Robbie Coltrane Image]

Robbie Coltrane

as Valentin Zukovsky

Coltrane reprising his role from GoldenEye, seems to be half villain and half Bond's aid. While he does help out Bond with information and in battle, he is also working with Elektra. He supplies her with arms and a submarine.
[John Cleese Image]

John Cleese

as R

With Desmond Llewelyn getting older and older, the writers finally came up with a replacement for Q. John Cleese plays's the bumbling R who Q is training for his retirement. Q doesn't seem to like R much, let alone how 007 feels about him.
[Desmond Llewelyn Image]

Desmond Llewelyn

as Q

Desmond returns a 17th time to play good old Q. Although he has an assistant (R) who may well be his eventual replacement, the gadget-laden man still equips Bond in his latest adventure. Also, Llewelyn has been quoted as saying that he will continue to play Q until "The Good Lord calls him back."
[Dame Judi Dench Image]

Dame Judi Dench

as M

Judi Dench returns for her third portrayal of the head of MI6. This time around instead of being a supporting character she is central to the plot. Good friends of murdered Sir Robert King, M takes a personal interest in the capture of Renard. She has a lot more screen time and is actually captured by Renard in the movie's climax.
[Moneypenny Image]

Samantha Bond

as Moneypenny

Samantha Bond returns as M's ever faithful secretary and Bond's only steady gal for the last 37 years. Her role is minor, as always, but she still has some good lines.
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