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[Omega Image]

Omega Seamaster

Bond's watch is the same that it has been for the past few movies: the Omega Seamaster. However, it has some new tricks in the form of a high-powered flashlight and a grappling gun.
[Q Boat Image]

The Q Boat

More a vehicle than a gadget, Q was constructing this boat for his retirement. When Bond needs to persue the Cigar Girl down the Thames, he "borrows" it from Q's lab. Equipped with torpedos, a dive function, jet propulsion, and the ability to travel through city streets, this boat is a must for any vacation.
[BMW Image]


For the third mission in a row, Q equips 007 with a shiny new BMW. This time around the features are a bit more limited. Aside from being stunning to look at, it is once again remote controlled. On the sides of the car are anti-aircraft missiles.
[HP Jordana Image]

HP Jordana 430se

When Dr. Christmas Jones needs to defuse a nuclear bomb inside the oil pipeline she uses this HP Jordana handheld computer. It doesn't really do anything else but it looks high-tech.
Gadgets Not Pictured:
  • Bond's Visa Card-Bond's Visa is actually a secret electronic lock pick that can open any door. He uses it to break into one of Electra's offices.
  • The Ski Jacket-A insulated ski-jacket that has a special tag to pull. When pulled a large, insulated ball covers the wearer and anyone within an arms length. Bond uses this to pretect himseld and Electra when they are trapped under an avalanche.
  • X-Ray Glasses-These glasses can see through anything. They are mostly used as a sight gag in the casino scene.
  • Exploding Gun-Bond uses his glasses as a trigger to blow up his gun in the Swiss Banker's office
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