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How Does James Bond Stay So Well-Groomed While On the Move?

By Connor Christopher
January 14, 2017

He might be Her Majesty’s top undercover agent and lethal assassin, but James Bond's grooming routine is not classified information. You've probably noticed that Bond always seems to be on the move ... so it’s hard to think how he manages to keep up with his suave good-looking looks. But he must be doing something right, as all the ladies seem to love him. Well, we're here to investigate that.

A well-groomed Daniel Craig James Bond


Clean Shaven

We’ve seen James Bond falling out of a plane and skiing off a cliff, but how does he keep clean shaven? Usually, Bond would carry a portable cutthroat razor, which allows him to shave off that stubble whilst being on the move.

Instead of electrical razors, a cutthroat one allows him to keep it safe and use it whenever he needs. This ensures that 007 is always clean, smooth and ready for all those ladies.


Miss Moneypenny gives Bond a close shaVe

Bond's Scent

James Bond has a distinctive and pleasant smell, despite his intense activity ... rushing around and defeating all those bad guys.

Why? Because Bond wears Eucris by Geo F Trumper, which keeps him smelling fresh whilst rushing around doing his protagonist actions. In addition to this, in Live and Let Die, Bond can actually use his aftershave as a weapon. As seen in the movie, Bond can use his aftershave as a makeshift flamethrower, taking out those venomous snakes. Not only does he wow his onlooker with his heroic deeds, he does it smelling divine in the same process.


Live and Let Die - Roger Moore with a flamethrower

Keeping Squeaky Clean

Representation is a biggie with James Bond, which is why he always looks dashing.

Have you ever noticed that Bond always has glistening white teeth, despite decades of smoking? It's a safe bet that 007 uses teeth whitening kits, which is essential in containing those beautiful white teeth. Bond has a killer smile ... and with perfect white teeth it’s no wonder why every girl’s mother wants their daughters locked up when he is in their presence.

Sean Connery's big James Bond Smile

Color Coordinated

Have you ever seen James Bond in a vibrant tank top or an open art blouson? Of course not. He chooses his colors with care. Well, with the exception of the infamous blue terry cloth jumpsuit in Goldfinger...

Wherever he may be, 007 understands that clothes should never dress the man. Seeing the man first is more important than the clothes, which gives reason why Bond’s wardrobe is based around a neutral pallet. He wants he peers seeing who he is and how he defines himself, rather than how his clothes mold his persona.

Sean Connery's big James Bond Smile

Calm and Relaxed

Being involved in all those death-defying stunts, fights and late nights means that at some point Bond needs to unwind if he is to keep this well-groomed demeanour. This is why Bond will always find time for a good message, steam or spa.

Wherever he is, he will find somewhere that will give him this experience. Privacy and luxury comes as a standard for Bond, which gives reason why the guy looks constantly fresh whenever he is on screen. 

Sean Connery's big James Bond Smile

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