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Meet James Bond ... Your New Life Coach

By Stewart Bette
February 2, 2017

If you have spent any time on social media, reading self-help books or getting career or life counseling, the message is all the same.  To be successful and happy, you must find the person or people who represent success to you and emulate them; AKA find a mentor.  From this supposition, having a "Life Coach" became the new and improved having a "therapist." And what better Life Coach could you ask for than the man who has been with you for the last 50 years, up close and personal?

With 24 films and 39 officially licensed books, James Bond has always been the man, a lady’s man, a man’s man, and the man everyone always wanted to be. Even better? As a life coach, he’s pretty much free.


How to Get The Girl

James always gets the girl; sometimes not in the end, but at least a few times in the middle.. While it's a different girl every time, no one ever thinks less of him for it. After all, he’s a secret agent. He is the only film hero whose women are names after him, "Bond Girls." No one ever wonders who the next Bourne Girl or Hunt Girl (Mission Impossible) is going to be, but actresses are in line to be the next Bond Girl.

Life Coach Bond would say always be supremely confident and unnaturally calm, not matter who is shooting at you. Also, one must master the one liner and innuendo. "I'll do anything for a woman with a knife," Bond states in License to Kill or "I’ve always enjoyed learning another tongue," in Tomorrow Never Dies. What woman could resist such playful banter? Bond would also tell you a chilled martini and a fast Astin Martin doesn’t hurt either.



How to Win the Game

Bond is such an amazing game player to watch and emulate, that most don't even know what he plays. This truth of the matter is for many years Bond was a Baccarat player. In fact, it wasn't until Daniel Craig came along that the shift to Texas Hold 'Em occurred. Craig's Bond is also the highest winning Bond, walking away with $115 million, which would make anyone’s day.

Life Coach Bond would have you emulate his smooth shaven poker face, his ability to read the other players in the game of life, take big risks and know the rules of the game. How can you take this into real life?  Well, Pokernews.com announced the On Drop Extravaganza where you can practice being James Bond playing poker. You don’t have to drop as much as her Majesty’s Secret Service did in Casino Royale, but buy in is still over $1M so you better know your game.  In fact, you can practice your skills using the wealth of resources on the web and effectively learn to play poker online. Do it next to the mirror to also hone your Bond-like poker face.



How To Handle the Action and Be the Best of the Best

It’s rare to find a Top 10 list of good guys or heroes that doesn’t include James Bond. Some prefer Connery and some prefer Craig, but no one will argue against James Bond as one of history’s greatest heroes. Bond movies rank high on many lists; the best action film, the best love story, the best casino movie, the most anticipated film of almost any given year. Casino Royale is ranked 5th in best casino movies and was the theme for many online casino games and all four Daniel Craig films rank in IMDB’s top 100 action films of the 21st century.

Life Coach Bond would say, "how do I stay at the top?" You need to get into the action and Never Say Never.  Keep Spectre at bay and always plan to Die Another Day. Always remember that Your License to Kill does not mean that Tomorrow Never Dies. And no matter how much you believe The World is Not Enough, well, Diamonds Are Forever and Octopussy is For Your Eyes Only.  Enough cheese?


How to Drink the Best Drinks, Drive the Best Cars and Get the Best Gadgets

Nothing but the best is the motto of Life Coach 007. While six different actors have successfully played the role of James Bond throughout the life of the film franchise, some things have remained unchanged. Bond never asks for a beer. Whether it's a flute of Bollinger or Veuve Cliquot or a dry martini, "shaken, not stirred," Bond drinks with class.

In the service of his country, Bond has destroyed, Astin Martins, BMWs, Audis, Lotus and Rolls Royce. Coach Bond is either saying, "don’t worry how you drive as long as someone else bought the car," "stop at nothing to get the bad guy," or (as said in GoldenEye) "Standard Operating Procedure…boys with toys." Either way, never drive a junker.

Final piece of Life Coach advice from 007 is get a best friend who is a technological genius because everyone needs a Q. James has always been handed cutting edge gadgets because you never know when you will have to eject from a speeding car, cut through a steel pipe with a plasma cutting pen or throw on a jetpack to make a quick escape. Gadgets are for real guys.  Get some.

As time goes on, Bond has matured and as the series shows no sign of slowing down, at least this choice means your life coach will be around for quite a while. Stay cool!


Pierce Brosnan enjoys a martini in Die Another Day Image Souce: nydailynews.com

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