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Sebastien Foucan plays the villainous henchman Mollaka in the latest Bond flick Casino Royale. He is also well known for his co-invention of the art form parkour, also known as "free running," with his friend David Belle. We caught up with him shortly after his stint on the set of Casino Royale and asked him a few questions regarding his invention and the Bond series.

1. First up, for the uninitiated, can you explain what exactly parkour is?
Parkour is an art form which consists of using your environment to move and develop for body and spirit!

2. Where did the inspiration for parkour come from?
Parkour originally came from a military obstacles course and an officier called Georges Hebert.

One of Mollaka's scenes in Casino Royale

3. Were you a James Bond fan before signing on to Casino Royale? If so, do you have a favourite film?
Not really but I grew up with Bond! Maybe Octopussy!

4. Are you able to tell us a little bit about your character, Mollaka?
Mollaka is a terrorist who has information that Bond wants!

5. Where do you feel Casino Royale fits into the pantheon of Bond films and what kind of direction do you see the series taking?
I know we worked hard for it and I hope it'll be a great movie!

6. Were your actively involved with the planning, staging and choreography of your action scenes in Casino Royale?
Yes, but only in my sequences!

A publicity shot

7. Since you are a professional athlete did you require a stunt double for the more dangerous stunt work?
Yes, they did give a stunt double to me, but more to protect my character Mollaka! I did ninety five per cent of it!

8. Are you going to pursue more film and acting roles?
I don't know, maybe!

9. Will you be using Casino Royale as a way to promote "free running" to those unfamiliar with the art form?
Yes, to show people my discipline, parkour is an art not a sport!

10. Was it difficult applying your art form and filming in the extreme heat of the Bahamas?
Yes, but it was okay, I improved myself!

11. Finally, what are your thoughts on Daniel Craig's portrayal of Bond?
I think he's a good actor and he's great for this new Bond version!

A word from the interviewer: I'd like to firstly thank Daniel and Darren from the Parkour official website for organising this interview so quickly and easily. Secondly, I'd like to extend a big thank you to Mr Foucan himself, who did not hesitate to answer a few questions.

Please visit Mr Foucan's official Web site to learn more about the discipline and art form that is Parkour.

Questions written by Adam Farrington-Williams

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