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November 20, 2002

Welcome to Universal Exports

To new and returning visitors alike I wish you a hearty welcome. For almost seven years, Universal Exports has been providing Internet users with one of the largest and most in-depth James Bond sites online. Founded on April 3, 1996, Universal Exports was originally a product of my desire to learn HTML and add a line or two to my resume. Needless to say it has become something much larger than that.


When I began to create Universal Exports I spent a lot of time looking around at the various Bond sites (there were much fewer back then). It seemed that most of them had the same information, just laid out differently. At that point I made it my goal to have Universal Exports be something different. In addition to the common pages such as movie reviews and profiles of the women, Bonds, allies, villains, etc, I wanted to create sections that could only be found here. Amongst others, Universal Exports is proud to feature baby photos of the actors, James Bond firsts, a host of obscure tidbits, behind the scenes photos, a humor section including most every Simpsons/Bond reference ever and more.

It's Everyone's Site!

In addition to the sections I have created and written, I have vowed to make Universal Exports a James Bond site for everyone. I have worked hard to include everything you could ever want in the site, but I don't doubt that I have missed some things. If you have suggestions for new pages and sections, send them to me. Want to add your review of a movie or a book? Drop me an e-mail. Notice an error or think I should change something? Let me know. I will do my best to answer every serious e-mail that comes into my inbox.

The Future

What does the future hold in store? As long as the interest is there, I will continue to add to Universal Exports. My first priority is to add more graphics. One complaint I have received over the years is that there is not enough multimedia on the site; that is going to change. Other plans for the future include the growth of the new message board. I hope to encourage interaction amongst Bond fans from across the world and plan to moderate the board daily. The Die Another Day section will continue to expand with media, information, images, links and more. Finally, I am slowly updating every page to work better with the new layout. Stay tuned!

How Do I Make The Site

All of the coding used in Universal Exports is written using Notepad. Most graphics are scanned from various books or created in Photoshop from other images. The site is optimized for 800 x 600 resolution and thousands of colors or greater. Anything less than that and you may lose image quality and those ugly scroll bars may appear where they shouldn't.

Summing It All Up!

Once again, thank you for visiting and if you have any questions, comments, additions, or just want to chat about Bond, e-mail . Enjoy the site and remember, the highest form of flattery is a referral.

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